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Yara: 'Anything with a cock is easy to fool.'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 2]
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This episode revealed some key information but didn't have as much action and drama as I wanted. Let's go through the episode scene by scene and analyze what's happening.

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Kings Landing soldiers come looking for Gendry

Gendry is the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon but is unacknowledged and unaware of his lineage. The episode starts with Ayria peeing by the riverbank and then approaching the men held captive.

One prisoner says:

"That boy has more courage than sense."

She then starts picking at them with her stick. This scene shows how brave and courageous Ayria is, that she's not frightened very easily and that's what I love about her.

Then two soldiers from Kings Landing ride in asking for Gendry but the lord refuses to turn him over.

When the guy trues pulling out his sword, Bowen pulls his sword to the guy's groin area and says:

"It's a funny thing, people worry so much about their throats that they forget about what's down low."

"you can die here at these crossroads or go back And tell them you didn't find what you were looking for."

They leave and claim they'll come back with more men and have his head.

Varys threatens Tyrion after learning about his woman

Tyrion walks in and finds Varys of the Lannister small council sitting with the prostitute he brought back, even though he was advised not to by his father.

Varys seems to hint that he can use this knowledge now against Tyrion but Tyrion makes sure that Varys doesn't thinks so.

Varys says, "I'm very good at keeping secrets from friends"

Tyrion responds "I don't like threats...I'm not Ned Starks."

"Ned Starks was an honorable man"

"and I am not. Threaten me again and I'll have you thrown into the sea."

I love Tyrion's wit. He's so snappy and is definitely using his power as hand this time around.

Cersei reads Rob stark's letter

After reading the letter from Rob Star about declaring freedom from the South, she tells the messenger to tell Jamie that "he's not been forgotten."

They also read the letter from the Mormont, the commander nights watch who requests more help.

Tyrion says the "Nightswatch is the only thing that separates us from what lies beyond the wall."

But Cersei doesn't seem to care.

Nightswatch want to help a pregnant woman escape

The fat boy, Samwell talks about how greedy it is for one man to have so many wives. Then his friend starts talking about how he used to wrestle with a girl when he was young and when they got older they used to wrestle in a "different way". When Samwell asks him how many times he used to wrestle, he said "as often as he can."

A wolf tries to attack one of the wives and when Samwell saves her she tells him not to touch her, but later on approaches the nightswatch group saying that she's pregnant and wants to leave with them. It seems that if she has a boy Mormont would kill it. Jon snow refuses to help her even though Samwell pleads.

A horse gallops in with the Rakharo head

After a horse with no man on it gallops into the dessert with the Dothrakis, Jorah Mormont approaches it and finds that Rokharros decapitated head was inside the bag on the horse.

Daenerys then vows to avenge his death saying

"they'll like it far less when I'm done with them"

Rakharo's wife comes to see and when she learns of the news she cries. She complains that "they butchered him like an animal"

Daenerys vows to get revenge and create a funeral for him.

She sounds like she's all talk, but we'll see what she ends up doing.

Theon sleeps with some ugly girl and talks of being king

This girl is so ugly and tells him to call her a whore as they have sex. Theon, who is Rob Stark's friend, sleeps with her and tells her "try smiling with your lips closed." Ouch!

This scene is not very relevant but it shows Theon's aspirations for power.

Head prostitute cries during sex, Peter threatens her

Peter makes a guy pay double to sleep with the head prostitute, but she starts crying while they have sex because she keeps thinking of the baby that was slaughtered in the pleasure house. So the guy gets out and complains to peter about paying double and her crying. Peter gives him another prostitute.

She says she cries because of the baby who got killed in front of the mother in the last episode.

Peter tells her about a girl that used to not make him money and then how a guy came in and promised him so much money to be with that girl for one night. He tells her that he ended up doing a lot with her in the one time which made up for the losses.

So it sounds like he's telling her to get her act together or else she could suffer such a fate.

Great quote by Peter: "Sometimes those with the most power have the least grace."

Tyrion exiles the commander of the council janos

Tyrion gets into a conversation with Janos about ordering the killing of Ned Stark and when Janos says that "orders are orders" Tyrion wonders why everyone can be bought a price.

Janos says that the orders to kill King Rob Baratheon's bastards weren't from the Queen and Tyrion realizes that they were Joffrey's orders.

Janos replies, "Joffrey is my king the rest doesn't interest me."

Tyrion exiles him and makes Bronn the new lord commander. But what's interesting is that he asks Bronn:

"If I told you to murder an infant girl say still at her mother's breast, would you do it without question?"

Bronn replies, "Without question ... no ... I'll ask, how much."

Tyrion looks away and wonders why everyone can be bought, even his right hand man.

Ayria tells Gendry that she's a girl

When Gendry tells Ayria about John Aaron and then Ned stark, Ayria first hides that she's Ned's daughter, but then tells him and also tells him that she's a girl.

After finding out, he apologizes for badgering her earlier saying, "Take out your cock and piss" and then plays with her saying that he should now call her "my lady." She gets mad because she doesn't want to be known by royal terms and terms that are too lady-like and walks off.

Theon delivers Rob Stark's message to his father

Theon meets meets a girl and rides with her into his father's castle. He touches her saying that he wants to have sex with her but will find out at the end of the scene that she is his sister, Yara. Gross!

He brings proposal to his father from Rob stark. His father teases him about his clothes and jewelry he got from the Starks and insults him saying that he's become Stark's b***.

His father says not to call Rob his "brother" After his father reads the letter which says that if he helps Rob defeat his enemies Rob will make him king of the Iron Islands again, he burns it.

Theon's sister walks in and his father says that she'll lead the attack. And when Theon calls her a woman she replies "You're the one in skirts!"

Great quote by Yara: "Anything with a cock is easy to fool."

Great quote by Theon's father "No man gives me a crown.. I will take my crown"

As he walks away, he tells his dad that he won't stand a chance against the Lannisters by himself, but his dad than says that he's not talking about the Lannisters.

I'm thinking that he might set out to fight Rob Stark as Rob prepares to battle King's Landing.

Davos partners with a pirate

Davos who is Stannis Baratheon's right hand man meets with a black pirate offering him to come with him to plunder the city of kings landing. he wants to reward him with gold if he'll lend them his ships and come along for the battle.

The pirate demands to get Cersei at the end of the war. The kid who tagged along with Davos tells Cersei that the war is not about him trying to rape Queen Cersei.

The pirate doesn't care and tells him that

"the one true god is what's between a woman's leg"

"I'm not going to rape her. I'm going to f*** her"

This pirate just seems really nasty and he agrees to come along even though Davos tells him that he cannot promise him the Queen, but only a lot of gold.

Tyrion talks with queen cersei about losing the trust of the people

Cersei tells Tyrion that he had no right to exile the Janos. Tyrion tells the queen that they're losing the people but she says she doesn't care. He talks to her about the crimes of killing the babies. He realizes that it wasn't her orders. It was Joffrey's order.

Cersei tells him that he's "never taken ruling seriously." and that it's always fallen on her.

He replies to her that apparently Jamie has also fallen on her according to Rob Baratheon.

We then find out that their mother died while giving birth to Tyrion when She digs back at him saying that there's no bigger joke than him living for the death of his mother.

Melisandre has sex with Stannis

Stannis asks Davos if he trusts the pirate. Davos says that he never trusted him but once he smells gold he never stops. Stannis asks him to leave him alone with Melisandre, who then throws herself on Stannis telling him that the gods will bless him if he has sex with her and she then offers him a boy.

When he talks about having a wife, she says that she's sick and that she's never given him children.

She tells him that she will give him a son. He then has sex with her.

Jon Snow sees a guy giving a baby to the Walkers

Jon snow realizes that the head of the village they're staying in gives away his sons to the Walkers. He walks through the woods at night and sees something move and follows it.

When he sees the guy, he quickly hides behind a tree and then hears the cries of a baby. As he walks toward the baby, he sees the Walkers pick up the baby and leave. As he reacts, he's grabbed from behind and hit on the head.

Episode 2 ends.

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