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Would you rather date Queen Daenerys or Cersei?
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So I've been thinking, which Queen is hotter: Cersei, the Lannister or Daenerys, the Targaryn. Now, I know at first thought, you're probably saying, "Of course the kalisi, Daenerys!"

You're probably saying that because of the scene where her servant got on top of her and taught her how to make love to a man. I have to admit that was pretty hot, but I'm asking you to think again, without putting any ideas into your head, lol.

1. Daenerys, The Targaryn

We got a chance to see Daenerys grow as a person, woman and lover. In the beginning she was shy, scared and timid in every way possible, but she started to realize her power after Drogo married her.

In season 1 she let her brother, Viserys III, take off her clothes, sell her off to be raped and used as a prostitute all to gain power. Even though she hated it deep down she didn't think she could do anything about it.

She even let Drogo take control of her when he married her until she learned how to control him in a different way. Finally she began overcoming this shyness when she encountered the Dothrakis and married their king Drogo.

She stood up to her bigger brother and talked down to the people who tried standing in her way and began giving orders until she became their leader over Drogo.

Then we so Daenerys hold her husband down until death! But there's still a thin line between her gentleness and weakness. Although, overall she seems more loyal and "obedient" than Cersei; remember when she ate the raw horse heart to please her husband and prove that she's not weak.

2. Queen Cersei, the Lannister

On the other hand, Cersei was just bad ass from day one. She does have a habit of making these stupid expressions but that's only because she's "tough as cheese."

Cersei has this overbearing strong power many men look for in a women even though they never admit it. Men often feel they want a girl like Daenerys to shape and mold and take orders, but when it comes down to it a woman like Cersei helps keep things in order. She knows how to run things and the affairs of the household in her husband's presence and absence.

She also pushes her husband to glory while weaker woman tend to make their husbands weaker bringing out their fears that most men are trying to overcome in the first place.

But something makes me wonder whether or not Cersei will stand by her man until the end the way Daenerys has. [clears throat] Think Jamie and Robert Baratheon.

So on one hand we have Daenrys, who started off weak and shy, but to her credit. has become a better woman for it. Then we have Cersei who is straight forward and hard as a rock.

Would you rather date Cersei or Daenerys?

Question of the day

Would you rather date Queen Cersei or Daenerys?

Not Cersei, because I'd rather not get cuckolded and murdered.

Daenerys is kind of annoying, but hey, maybe I'd get to ride one of her dragons.

Anyway, Margaery is the real answer.
August 13, 2016   to reply
i'd obviously fuck daenerys storm born targaryn
May 08, 2016   to reply
Cercei of cause
March 25, 2016   to reply
How about a four-way with Cersei, Daenerys, and Ygritte?
July 17, 2014   to reply
Cercei. And if I had anything left afterward, I'd do Daenerys.
April 07, 2014   to reply
I would shove my dick so far down Cercei's throat, whoever could pull it out would be named King Arthur.
December 09, 2013   to reply
Haha! That is priceless!
December 09, 2013