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Renly: 'A man with no friends is a man with no power'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 4]
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This was another great episode of Game of Thrones written by Vanessa Taylor. This has been the best episode since the Season 2 premiere. It had the most interesting scenes and snappiest dialogue. Let's breakdown the episode into chunks...

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Woman cuts off a soldier's leg as Rob watches

One of the young lads who fought for Rob Stark gets wounded in his leg that the only way to save him is to amputate his leg. The poor boy keeps saying how he doesn't want to be a cripple.

Game of Thrones introduces a new girl, the one who cut his leg with a saw. She gets really snappy with Rob pushing his buttons and blames him for the kids loss. He keeps trying to tell her that it's all for the war, but she reminds him that that won't bring his leg back.

She says that boy lost his foot on Rob's orders and that he probably never held a spear before they shoved one in his hands.

She says to him: "You're fighting to overthrow a king and yet you have no plan to what comes after."

For some odd reason, Rob looks like he falls in love with her as she is cutting off the poor kid's leg. Pretty sick and weird if you ask me. She says her name is Telisa.

Joffrey takes off Sansa's clothes and threatens her

In the iron throne, Joffrey holds a bow and arrow aimed right at Sansa and says he wants to kill her to send a message to Rob. Instead he orders her clothes to be taken off and has his guard beat her, because he says his mother, Cersei, wants her to live.

Finally Tyrion walks in and shouts "What is the meaning of this?" and has her saved. He uses his words to show Joffrey how stupid he is to do such an action and when one of Joffrey's guards commands that Tyrion not threaten Joffrey, Tyrion says that he's only advising his nephew and then orders Braun to kill that guard if he speaks again.

The craziest moment in this scene is that when Tyrion asks Sansa if she's ok, she still says "I'm loyal to my King Joffrey."

I really don't understand this. I'm not getting what she wants out of this situation. Is she faking it or is she real or just scared?

Joffrey gets sadistic and has the prostitute he was sent beaten by another

Tyrion sends Joffrey two prostitutes to loosen him up.

Instead of embracing them, he turns it into a sadistic freak show. He orders one girl to continuously beat the other with a stick and whip and if she doesn't he will kill her with his bow and arrow. He tells her that he'll have her body sent back to Tyrion's room to show him what he's done to her. It's obvious Joffrey wants to never seem soft, the opposite of the late King Robert Baratheon.

Peter expresses his love to Lady Stark

When Peter comes to see Renly he also meets Lady Stark and exchanges a few interesting words with her. Firstly, when she calls him a traitor for betraying her husband Ned Stark, he says that he really wanted Ned to seize the throne but he didn't.

He also then tells her that he's loved her for so long but she turns him away.

He pleads with her to strike a deal, to exchange Jamie for her two girls, not she doesn't trust him. In the end he sends her carton with Ned Stark's head.

Everyone tries to partner with Renly

Stannis and Renly meet and have a fierce discussion. This was one of my favorite scenes. They really exchanged some harsh words. Renly mocks Stannis but Stannis stays firm. When Stannis tells Renly that he can't win a war with clothing, Renly says hell win it with his soldiers swords.

Melisandre who is on Stannis's side tells Renly to rethink his position because they'll crush him. Also Stannis tells Renly that he has that night to decide to partner with them and if he doesn't they'll be crushed.

Renly belittles Stannis and tells him that no one likes him and says, "A man without friends is a man without power."

Kings landing soldiers torture Ayria's camp of youth

As the Kings Landing soldiers torture the kids that were captured along with Ayria, Cersei's father Tywin, orders them to stop.

He tells them that they should use them as laborers as opposed to killing them. He stumbles on Ayria, realizes that she is a girl and decides to bring her into the court to serve him.

The targaryn kalisi plead for help from the thirteen

as the dothrakis along with the Queen Targaryn walk in the barren desert they meet the protectors of caf called the thirteen.

Their leader does not want to allow them in unless Daenerys shows them the dragons but since she refuses so do they. Then Daenerys threatens that when they get power shell crush them if they don't help now. The leader doesn't give in initially but does when one of his own man say that hell vouch for them.

Melisandre gives birth to a black demon

This was a wild scene. You have to admit, the last screen of every Game of Thrones episode is a wild card and always shocking.

Stannis secretly tells Davos that he wants him to kill off Melisandre. It's not fully clear why, but it seems to me that he either wanted him to kill her or her unborn baby when he's delivered. I think his thinking is that he doesn't want to have any "bastard" sons as he tries taking the throne.

When Davos takes a boat ride with Melisandre, she distracts him by flirting with him and eventually takes off her clothes showing a pregnant stomach. She falls to the floor and begins to give birth.

Instead of a human boy, black mist with claws come out of her and flies away and Davos is obviously confused and blown away.

Wow. This was SURELY unexpected. I have no idea what they're going to do with this. So now we have another wild card thrown into the picture. This thing, whatever it is, will also have some right to the throne.

This episode was great. I give it an 8/10. It was well written. The dialogue was really snappy. I'm really amazed because I noticed the writer was a woman. I have nothing against a woman but I'm blown away seeing a woman write such a great piece of work that a lot of guys love.

The writer of this episode is Vanessa Taylor