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36 unbelievable facts to share with friends from the 'Frozen Planet'
Frozen Planet [Season 1 Episode 1]
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If you missed the 2 hour premiere of Frozen Planet on the Discovery Channel here is the entire rundown on everything you missed in the form of quick facts because there was just so much cool information. You should definitely watch this because there is a lot of amazing footage. All of these facts refer to the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica.


The Earth is 1/3 frozen.


The Polar bear is the largest and most powerful land predator of all.


Polar bears like to mate in high and far off locations where no one can see them.


Sea ice the size of the continent of Europe melts every year exposing the fresh waters below it.


18 million sea birds fly the skies to feed over the waters of the Arctic ocean during the meltdown.


The tales of Humpback whales that swim the Arctic Ocean are 15 feet wide.


Greenland is1500 miles long and more than 2 miles thick.


Black holes are created plunging a vertical mile deep down into the melting ice sheets.


The fastest glacier moves 140 feet a day, which is very fast for a huge glacier, destroying everything in its path. The force of glaciers "crumble mountains and levels the surface of continents"


Islands of icebergs are created the size of Manhattan during the glacier's meltdown. Some form the shapes of castles and thrones and other unique shapes.


In the northern most land, the tundra, of the Arctic Circle which is connected by Asia, North America & Europe, the ground is permanently frozen forever which is called "Permafrost."


In the Arctic circle, living trees grow while frozen.


The Northern grey wolf is 175 pounds and the largest most powerful wolf in the world residing in northern Canada.


Bisons weigh 2000 pounds making a single Bison a great meal for a pack of wolves.


The great grey owl is the largest owl in the world. He's a master of silent flight and called the "Phantom of the North" He can detect sounds stirring in tunnels beneath the snow.


The Taiga stretches 5000 miles and contains 1/3 of all the trees on earth.


Antarctic is the opposite of the Arctic ocean. Arctic is an ocean surrounded by continents. Antarctica is a continent surrounded by oceans.


Jentu penguins body surf the most violent waves in the world and dart through water at 20 miles per hour.


There are no land predators in Antarctica.


Every summer 40 million penguins head to the southern ocean to feast, followed by thousands of whales.


The size of Antarctica is cut in half every summer during the meltdown.


Killer whales are the largest predator of the ocean.


Sea water stays at 28 degrees in Antarctica.


Sea spiders have legs the size of a foot and a half.


Mount Arabia has an active volcano in a frozen world. Experts believe crystals inside it are alive with bacteria borne from fire and ice.


The Transantarcticic mountains is the windiest place on earth. It's 2000 miles long and have winds of up to 200 mph.


Antarctica has the coldest desert on earth.


The Antarctica ice cap is the longest single chuck of ice on earth stretching 700 miles.


There are no human settlements in Antarctica.


There is no sun for half the year in polar regions.


In Antarctica, spring is the deadliest season because the warmer weather triggers windstorms. They have some of the coldest and most ferocious winds freezing penguins alive.


Polar bears punch through 3 feet of solid ice to find sea lions swimming below in order to eat.


Ice the size of Australia in the Arctic ocean vanishes each year.


Male southern elephant seals weigh up to 4 tons and obtain the rights to breed for a month when they fight off other male seals and are then called "The Beachmaster"


The wooly bear caterpillar gets frozen solid and then comes back alive when the ice melts!


Male penguins attract females for mating with beak thrusts. Some male penguins attract females faster than others depending on how good their beak thrusts are.