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Victoria Gotti calls everyone a bitch
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 2]
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Episode 2 started off with Victoria being pissed off for being in the boardroom from Episode 1.

She says in the boardroom:

“I know what all of you are like now”

She seems to believe everyone is out to get her.

“You’re good people but you’re behaving like bitches.”

Victoria gets a taste of defeat. She really needs to step up to the plate because she’s always chillin’ in the cut. It’s like wake up already!

The show goes on with Paul Sr. presenting the $500,000 check to the Make-a-wish foundation which was really moving. $300,000 of that was donated by Paul’s friend which gave them the winning edge in Episode 1.

This episode’s task was to Create a show for Medieval Times and the audience would decide the winner.

James, the CEO of medieval times brags that he’s a knight and shows off his suit.

The reward for this episode’s win is $40,000

Lisa Lampanelli becomes the project manager for the females and Penn Gilette is the project manager for the guys.

The female group comes up with the idea of the Real Housewives of Camelot competing for Trump’s love?? Sort of weird because this show is for children. Do children even know who the Real Housewives are? Victoria sits around all upset but she never really says much.

The guy’s group, Unanimous, comes up with the idea of two guys fighting for a woman’s love. The two guys would be Lou Ferrigno and Paul sr. of American Chopper The woman would be Dee Snider.

Lisa loses it and starts yelling at everyone because all the women are talking so much

Aubrey O'Day volunteers Victoria Gotti to be the stage director which Victoria tries to turn down but Lisa gives her the role. Victoria says she doesn’t want to let everyone done. Victoria doesn’t seem to have much confidence.

The most hilarious moment was Victoria Gotti googling Medieval Times as “mid-evil” times! Lisa has a fit especially because it’s written correctly on the memo.

Lisa says she never has confidence in anyone. If Victoria couldn’t spell why did lisa continue to keep her as stage director which Lisa calls a very difficult job.

On the guy’s team, George keeps messing up the script and Clay Aiken has a fit saying he messed up four times and that he needs to get it together. Dee Snider falls off the horse and fractures his finger but decides not to go to the hospital.

Paul senior and Lou Ferrigno practice their battle with real swords.

Both teams do pretty good and Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey flips the table in the scene as told.

In the boardroom, Don Junior asks Victoria about the tension between her and Lisa and she says nothing. She asks Lisa, “where should we start.” Lisa seems like such a sweet woman who doesn’t like drama but she seems very unhappy.

Trump asks Penn who he would bring to the boardroom if he lost. and he reluctantly says Lou Ferrigno and George Takei. Lou snaps and says he is stronger and tougher than Penn and begins to talk about his history and calls it an insult. When George is asked, George just sucks up to Penn and calls Penn humble. Arsenio laughs and says Penn is not humble.

When Trump asks Lisa who she would bring back she says Victoria and Diana.

About Victoria, Lisa says to Trump, “Don’t expect me to be your mother”

Victoria finally starts to speak out against Lisa when Patricia Velasquez speaks up.

Finally James is aksed for the votes.

The guys got 558 votes from the aurience and the women got 363

The women lose.

Victoria starts to cry when Lisa and her argue some more after hearing about the loss. Trump says Victoria has a heart.

Lisa says people may not like how she leads but that she was raised by Italians. Patricia says she would fire Victoria. Aubrey O'Day says she would fire Dayana. Lisa decides to bring back Victoria and Dayana.

The men leave and Don Junior finds that Dayana should not be brought back.

Lisa and Victoria fight it out but Victoria is not as strong as Lisa. Lisa gets really loud and then cries. Trump asks James what he would do if he were in his position and James says Lisa has passion.

Trump then puts Dayana on the spot and asks her which of the contestants has more talent, Lisa or Victoria. Dayan says that Lisa does.

Trump fires Victoria.