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Top 10 funniest, maddest quotes of Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5
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These are the most outrageous and funniest quotes said by the stars of the Celebrity Apprentice on Season 12 Episode 5. Number 1 is definitely a treat. look out for it.


"The word that bothers me the most is condescending"

by Penn Jillette

Clay Aiken calls out Penn for acting superior and annoying to Lou Ferrigno when he was the prject manager, Penn pulls Clay aside and starts the conversation with that line.


"There are people in this room who are trying to set Lou up to fail."

By Clay Aiken

Clay says this out loud while everyone is saying no to Lou's ideas.


"Someone is about to explode."

By Don Trump Junior

Don Trump says this after visiting the Forte group. In the next scene Lisa Lampanelli loses it.


"Lisa and Aubrey are a tight click and get tighter each week."

By Tia Carrere

Tia calls out the three stooges, Lisa Lampanelli, Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O'Day for acting like such a tight click.


"I'll mop the floor with you"

By Paul Senior of American Chopper

This is the awesome concept Paul comes up with for the viral video they had to create for the ocedar mop.


"What does a viral video mean?"

By Paul Senior of American Chopper

When the guy's team is asked to create a viral video promoting the mop product by oceda, Paul asks the guys that in the car. Hilarious.


"I'd have an easier time dealing with the supreme court judges."

By Lou Ferrigno

When Penn is playing devils advocate with Lou on his ideas.


"Everybody does not have to be a god damn star"

By Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa bugs out with the women because she thinks everybody is trying to get attention. Just an awesome line.


"Penn is a bowl in a china closet with a superior attitude"

By Lou Ferrigno

In the boardroom, Lou says this amazing line when asked about Penn's attitude. Funny. Where did he even come up with that?

Now for the most amazing line of all


"Do you have penis"

By Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe

When Dayana is asked to order Peonies (type of flowers) she calls them penis several times! Too Funny! Just fun to hear one of the hottest girls in the world ask on national television if she could have penis. LOL.