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The Hulk in tears. Dee: 'We won't cover Lou anymore'
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 4]
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Who would've known that a show about leading creative projects could put so many people who already have a history in creativity to tears. Both Arsenio Hall and Lou Ferrigno, walked out of the boardroom crying.

Arsenio says nothing is worse than the boardroom except "dying." Yikes!

Instantly all the guys gang up on Lou claiming that he is all talk. Lou overall gets really emotional, but the guys just don't seem to be letting him live it down. They say the he switches on them in the boardroom, but that's something they all do. When it comes down to the wire everyone looks to save their ass.

Dee in the interviews says, "We won't cover Lou anymore."


Dayana goes to Latino commission in aids. She cries while one of the member sobs about having HIV for 26 years and losing his family to AIDS.


Donald Trump and his gang meet the celebrities in front of Central Park and bring in two executives from Buick. The task is to introduce the all new Buick Verano to both a live audience and a twitter audience. They must show off 4 key features of the car:

1. Quiet environment
2. Safety
3. Space
4. Intellilink

Learn more about the luxury sedan Buick Verano here

Their demonstration must include a 10 minute overview and 10 minute Q&A and must be informative and entertaining.

Project Managers Picks

Adam who races vintage cars and does a car show on the speed channel becomes project manager for Unanimous. Ivanka wonders why Mike Andretti doesn't do the job since his entire brand name is built around cars.

Debbie Gibson becomes the project manager for Forte


Debbie's charity is the Children's International.
Adam's is the Catholic Big Brother.

Winner will get 20k and Buick added another 30k. So the reward is a total of 50k.

Team work

As forte begins working with each other Debbie says Aubrey is overbearing. Aubrey does seem to talk a lot and she keeps claiming that she is the most creative out of all of them. Aubrey says that not one of them have a creative bone in their body.

When Buick consults with the groups they call their pitch on the Verano: "Thoughtful technology"
They say the don't want "beer" style humor. Adam Corolla makes a joke about Tiger Woods and the executives don't like it.

As they proceed to work the guys just keep pushing Lou's buttons saying he needs to do more.

On Forte, Aubrey keeps bragging that she's the creative one and even though Teresa feels left out of this project, Debbie asks Teresa to bring her family to do a walk through during the demonstration to show off the car's space.

Meanwhile, the guys worry about how Adam's knee jerk sense of humor will affect the presentation. Adam wants the celebrities to play as hecklers during the demonstration which doesn't seem very wise given the brand's style.

Back at Forte, Aubrey brags about her involvement that she always gets to sit in the "cool" van. By that she means the one that develops and solidifies the concept. Teresa who sits in the other van along with Tia wonders why they can't all be on speaker phone to solidify the concept. They call Debbie to get more info about the concept and Debbie says she has nothing to share.

Mike & Debbie go test drive the Verano's and Debbie knocks down the cones during her test drive. This girl can't drive even though she acts like she's some big race car driver.

Adam decides that he wants one of the hecklers to just say "You suck" and get taken away by security. Itjust doesn't seem to have a point and the team doesn't really like it but they follow orders.

Tia comes up with a really great script and she gets quickly shot down by Debbi. Don walks in and says they should have everything written down by now which they don't. Ivanka walks in on the guys and keeps bugging Mike about not stepping up to be project manager on this one. He says this was more marketing, but she doesn't agree.

Debbie said they want Tia to host, but many of the girls don't feel utilized by Debbie. Aubrey thought Debbie's concept was gimmicky because she decided to sing one of her songs. Aubrey disses Debbie's song "in your dreams" and says that she was never really into her but more into Tiffany.

Forte's demonstration

During Forte's demonstration Aubrey calls the car verona not verano twice as she tells a phony sob story about her mom dying and how she wouldn't have if she had the Verano.

As Debbie comes up she says "I'm Debbi Gibson. Yes the Debbie Gibson" like anyone even remembers and then when Lisa goes up she says "Im hilarious"

The girls act like cocky bitches but really do a killer presentation.

During the Q & A there asked about safety but they don't know what to say.

Unanimous' demonstration

Adam gets really nervous once he gets up on stage, but saves face by saying that the car is so good that it leaves him flustered. Dee says mike was nervous. People cheer when Penn got in the trunk. In the interview he jokes about it being surprising that he got in the trunk given that Victoria Gotti is gone.

Paul Senior of American Chopper does the "you suck" heckle and does it three times. The audience really doesn't get it and Lou carries him away in a dark suit and shades.

That was so bad.



Lisa says Debbie was great at "creative" but "frazzled"
Dee says Adam was "amazing" Again though they really get on Mike for not taking the project manager role.

Penn was worried that Buick wouldn't like Adams style. Adam says he'll come back with himself and bring no one because they won't lose. Trumpcalls that "a big statement."

Teresa speaks up about not knowing what to do. Aubrey says Debbi was "good not great." Trump says that Tia is flying "under the radar."

If Forte loses Debbie would bring back: Tia and Teresa. Debbie says that Teresa doesn't know all she is. They seem to expect alot of drama from the real housewives and seem to really stereotype her.

Debbie says, "I don't care who gets the credit." and Trump commends her.

Tia says that Debbie is dismissive and condescending. Trump asks why. Tia says lack of respect.


Don says Buick didn't like the sense of brand and the fact that Aubrey called the car a Verona. Trump says that's a big messup and Arsenio says "we can never say Donald tramp"

For the guys Ivanka says Buick didn't like that Mike wasn't really used and that they didn't get the sense of voice from Mike and that everyone was sort of under-utilized.



Forte leaves the room and Debbie apologizes to Teresa, but Teresa calls it fake. She's not stupid, she's a real housewife for crying out loud; she can spot shadiness.


Adam says that it doesn't matter if he indeed under-utilized everyone. Adam thinks his presentation did not fall apart as Buick claim.

Paul calls Lou the weakest link
Lou calls Michael the weakest link.
Arsenio would fire Lou
Adam says Lou should own why everyone says they would fire him.
Dee says Lou is weak but would fire Adam because he was the project manager.
Mike says he would fire Lou

When Adam is asked who he would bring back, he says no one and says he'll fire himself. Trump says he would fire 2 people since Adam didn't want to pick anyone.

Trump fires Adam quickly
They all get on Lou, but Trump really felt mike should've stepped up and fires Mike.

Here's a little Debbie Gibson throw back, the song she sung in the demonstration


1. Tiffany's Facebook as mentioned by Aubrey http://www.facebook.com/TiffanyTheSinger
2. Tiffany's hit song in the 80's "Could've been" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LzGss9QGAk