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The Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, has a heart of gold.
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 6]
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Patricia, Aubrey come out and none of the women look at each other

"There is a really ice cold vibe in the room" she says.

Lisa goes up to Teresa and starts talking about Patricia. It looked to me like she was trying to recruit her and get her on her side.

Lisa says, "and the fact that we have those two [Patricia & Dayana] ... fries my ass."

It seems like the women with the biggest bark are the ones who think they've earned their keep. The team keeps getting on the two Venezuelans. Lisa says in the interview that she's "gonna get rid of Patricia and Dayana."

Lisa: "I'm sick of both of you brain deads. We need to let the people who don't have ideas just fade ideas into the background a bit and go bye bye. Bye"


The muscular dystrophy association is Lou's charity. Lou meets Abby who has muscular dystrophy. Lou gets really emotional again and starts crying saying that when he saw the young girl he remembered his childhood. He says that when he was born he had lost 80% of his hearing and had trouble breathing and goes on to tell Abby:

"You never want to feel sorry for yourself, ever."

Abby says, "I know. Whenever I fall, I just get right back up."


Trump and his crew meet the celebrities on a rooftop overlooking manhattan and Trump goes on to brag about how great New York City is.

Doug and Melanie from Crystal light join Trump. Melanie talks about crystal light's launch of mock tails which are nonalcoholic versions of cocktails. Crystal light wants the celebrities to throw a launch party which will be judged based on: Creativity, Brand Messaging and the overall atmosphere.

Clay becomes project manager for Unanimous

Aubrey becomes project manager for Forte

Aubrey tries getting brownie points with the executives by saying she's lost a lot of weight with crystal light.

Aubrey thinks she'll win because of her party sorority background.

The two flavored they get to choose from are Peach Bellini and Pomptini. Who thought of these silly names?? Do women really like these ridiculous names?

Forte picks Pomptini and Unanimous picks the Peach Bellini.

The winning reward is $20k and crystal light added 30k

Unanimous planning

The guys talk about how they all are not party goers which is really weird given there backgrounds,

Forte planning

The women come up with "stir your inner health desire" the Crystal light executives come and say that their brand personality is fun, sassy and vibrant. Aubrey gets worried about there original concept given that it should be fun. I'm not sure why they just didn't change it up once they found out.

Unanimous planning

When they heard that the executives wanted fun, clay came up with "life is a peach." In the interview, penn brings up how clay called him condescending but penn doesn't pay attention to his attitude. In almost every shot even his body language is condescending.

Forte planning

Teresa says she'll make Popsicles and brags that she has a reputation of being a great entertainer. Debbie than comes up with a retarded original song that goes

"You know you want it. Now you can have it. Guilty pleasure. Crystal Light."

She sings it to Aubrey and then Aubrey says that now people don't have to hear Dennie's hits.

Patricia works on the graphic design and Lisa gets upset that Patricia doesn't really want to have all her work constantly checked and rechecked.

Patricia describes the experience "the most damaging environment I've ever seen in human behavior in my enter life"

Unanimous planning

Arsenio talks about how Penn seems to be trying extra hard to work with clay vet since the drama of last week. Arsenio then says, "it's almost like domestic chemistry. Sometimes when theres a fight in your home it's like the next day is so beautiful because everyone is trying harder."

Clay says that he sort of wants Penn gone because he doesn't like eating with him much. Clay gives dee the signage responsibility. Ivanka meets with the guys team and she shocked about them claiming that here not party people.

Forte planning

Don junior walks in on forte and Aubrey talks about having a crush on don junior.

When don hears Aubrey's concept he's not so sure it includes the fun element. When don asks Teresa she says she doesn't like the concept much and then Aubrey says if you don't hen come up with something better and Lisa says she's just saying this to cover her ass in the boardroom.

Dayana and debbie go take photos for the walls and Aubrey really likes the photos. Debbie then goes to record her original theme song for crystal light. Aubrey says working with Patricia is hard because she likes to be independent and Patricia says that the Lisa Aubrey click has been really damaging.

Unanimous planning

Paul starts building the bars and clay practices the song hell sing. "down by the boardwalk down by the sea"

Forte planning

Debbie works with Bernie Blake, award winning producer. Dayana says she likes the song. I think it's just because she was there for song long because that was a really bad sing.

Unanimous planning

Clay worries because the place is such a mess

Forte planning

Aubrey worries about there more being enough crystal light posters. Aubrey also worries about Teresa's carpet. Teresa calls her carpet people and yells at them.

Unanimous planning

Paul and Lou are putting up the martini umbrellas and Paul hates it because he says his hands are so big and that he'd rather be putting a bike together

Forte planning

Teresa's carpet people come in but Aubrey worries about her Popsicles.

Unanimous planning

The guys worry that they're not going to get any guest but they eventually do. Clay then tells Arsenio and Penn to go outside and call people in. Arsenio shouts a lot and penn stays quiet. Eventually a lot of people come in with beach attire and they have a really good time.

Forte party

The girls party was nice. It was more sophisticated. The executives come in and Dayana tells debbie to start singing, they also gave out comment cards where people wrote their hearties desires. Dayana brings her pageant friends.

Aubrey then shows the executives around the room. They look like they like it. Debbie sings her corny song.

Unanimous party

The party is going on. Penn juggles and the people are having a really good times the executives come in and look really amazed at such a festive atmosphere. Arsenio then prompts clay to sing. Clay sings and almost everyone sings along. It was pretty awesome. Even the executives were singing along.

Trump meet executives

They really like both but call fortes party more sophisticated and the guys more fun. They call Aubrey a start. The executives call her a marketing executive.


Both teams are really proud and bond together. Teresa says Aubrey was amazing. Aubrey says they'll have to fire trump if they lose. Lisa says she's 99% sure they won. Teresa says she would fire Dayana. Dayana says she would fire Aubrey.

On the guys side, Trump asks clay who he would fire, and Clay is really stumped. He doesn't want to say anyone but trump really pushes him because he was taking so long. He then says, dee, Paul or Lou. He later regrets saying three people when he didn't even want to mention anyone. Penn said clay did wonderful.

The winner

Unanimous (men's team).

Aubrey loses and starts crying


Aubrey keeps crying about losing for her charity so Donald trump says hell donate $10k and then Lisa starts crying. They all try to get on Dayana but trump finds out that she did the photography and brought a lot of people. Trump says why wouldn't Aubrey take the bullet but Aubrey says no because she so creative.

When Aubrey, Patricia and Dayana come back Aubrey sticks up for herself and says she would fire Dayana. Trump asks about the printing issue but says Patricia is a more useful player than Dayana. Dayana then says that they lost multiple times so Aubrey can't be that great since they were all her concepts. Then Aubrey says that the ones they won were her concept.

Aubrey gets really heated and yells at Aubrey and says show me how you're a strong player. Dayana stumbles and the don junior forces her to answer. Dayana says that she has to translate all the time and that slows her down. Trump goes back to the printing issue.

Trump fires Patricia