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"Suck it up buttercup. It's time to get freakin dirty"
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 3]
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Episode 3 starts off with Lisa all excited about defeating Victoria from last episode. So she says to the camera, "Suck it up buttercup. It's time to get freakin dirty."

Penn gives reward to intellectually challenged children who paint really nicely.

The task is to create a window display for Ivanka's jewelry line. Did you even know Ivanka had a jewelry link?? Obviously just daddy's money. So fellas don't tell your girl about this line. We have enough trouble from Tiffany's

Ivanka says she'll pick the most compelling one. Obviously the guys already are at a disadvantage. How many guys really know how to decorate to the taste of women's fashion! Arsenio Hall claims he knows how to dress women, whatever that means.

On the women's team Teresa of the Real Housewives wants to be the project manager and gets a little upset that Diana, Miss Universe wants to also. Do you really think Teresa could've beaten Diana on this?

I don't think so. Teresa go home. But it's odd that Teresa is not causing any drama. What's with that. She seems like a nice gal.

On the men's team, George wants to be project manager. They all agree thinking that because he's gay he'll handle women's fashion well.

Red headed Aubrey starts really being aggressive with her input. Debbie gets so jealous of her and calls it the "Aubrey show" Debbie don't be mad because she wants to actually give input!

So the guys want to get twins to model. Awesome idea, at least for men, but they look a mess and George is not really interacting well with everyone. But I though George was doing a good job because he was leading and not interfering with everyone, but that ended up turning against him in the boardroom.

Ivanka brings Scott from Lord & Taylor who has some weird creative position to judge with her.

Dee snider ends up having to go to hospital for his finger and worries that the team will turn on him about, especially that he finds out he has to do surgery. WTF happened to him.

As the women create, they realize the window space is too small for their ideas.

Eric trump barges in on the guys and talks to Clay. Clay sells George out and laughs claiming that acts like George is slacking.

Don Trump barges in on the women with an all grumpy serious face and talks to Diana, but he doesn't seem get anything out of them and he doesn't get their theme.

As Dee ends up having surgery, Lou makes fun of the midnight blue color saying it was too dark but no one listens to him. What's up with everyone trying to step on Lou bro??

Teresa pokes fun at Diana saying she doesn't have a clear picture but I think she was a little jealous.

Debbie and Lisa get stuck in traffic while delivering the photos that are supposed to be used in the photo shoot. Super ironic because it turns out the photos go missing too. It seemed to me like a setup. How the heck do the photos go missing?

Arsenio starts hating on Dee talking about "how is he going to finish the show with one hand?" Do you really need a hand on that show? They're not playing golf.

George looks crazy nervous as he starts explaining to Ivanka the window display. He stutters and doesn't even know how to explain it.

George takes this weird hit at Lou in front of Ivanka saying, "Most people are like Lou 'not involved'"

Paul senior thinks they have it in the bag even though they don't. But seriously Paul keeps nailing it week after week with his work.

When the girls present their display they give flowers to Ivanka, brilliant idea. One that guys, obviously, never think of lol.

In the boardroom, Diana gets a little nervous and Tia and Teresa and Diana don't want to say who the weakest link is. Trump asks Aubrey but she also gets out of it. Somehow they escaped the question for the first time. I didn't get why Patricia kissed Lisa's ass saying how good of a person she was. I have a feeling one day Lisa and Patricia will be in the boardroom together.

It seems to me like Patricia is playing psychology on everyone, but no on played psychology as good as Arsenio did on George this episode when he calls himself to blame but blames George in the boardroom.

Trump asks Clay about George who says that he did a fine job, but Eric Trump calls him out on that.

Aesenio says George was good because he let him do his but when asked by Trump if he'd think the same if they lost due to his dressing of the women, Arsenio switches up and says then he'd blame George because he didn't tell him how bad of a job he did. LOL. Great escape.

Ivanka Trump didn't like the electronic fan showing on the women's team and for the guys she didn't like the second window. She says it was empty and lacked color. Kinda weird given that it was supposed to be a nighttime display.

Ivanka chose the women's display over the guy's.

Paul says he would fire George
Lou would fire Arsenio
Clay would fire George
Arsenio would fire himself
Adam would fire leader
Penn would fire George
Clay smacks George up saying that he isn't always present.

George brings back Arsenio and Lou.

In the boardroom, George tries to blame Lou but Lou sticks up for himself really good and says he gave 110% which he said last episode too lol. Trump tries to get on Arsenio about his clothes and asks why he didn't call Ivanka for ideas, but he shifts the blame on George saying he just did what he was told to do.

George gets really nervous and starts to assume he'll be fired and Trump knows it. Trump finalizes by saying how much he respects George and then fires him.

Question of the day

Would Teresa Giudice have made a better project manager than Diana?