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Lou delivers knock out punch to the naysayers [Episode 6 Recap]
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 5]
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This was a great episode as Lou Ferrigno really demonstrated his abilities and shines through. The episode starts with Lou and Arsenio coming out of the boardroom and Lisa is all shocked that Lou is back. Lou then goes up to Tia on the side, who appear to be the two underdogs and tells her that they have to really push it in the next round or else they're going to go.

Since last week, I've been saying that the guys are really giving Lou a hard time and part of me feels they're doing it because of Lou's disability.

The tasks this week is to create a viral video promoting Ocedar's new spray mop.

Unanimous Project Manager: Lou Ferrigno
Forte's Project Manager: Tia

The winning team will get $20k plus $30k from Ocedar to give to their charity,

When unanimous get together Paul senior says,"What does viral even mean?" LOL and then Penn so graciously explains it like an idiot as well. LOL. (being sarcastic here)

Penn pokes at Lou putting him on the spot before they even get to their meeting asking him if he has any ideas like an annoying person.

On the women's side, Dayana comes up with all these weird and crazy ideas and Aubrey keeps talking smack about her. Aubrey is really arrogant with a loud mouth but Dayana really did have some stupid ideas.

One of her ideas was to have a pregnant woman's water break before birth and lt her mop up the floor with Ocedar's mop before giving birth. What the hell??!

Still, Aubrey, Debbie and Lisa act like they're the best players, but there just the loudest.

The woman create the concept : What is your number. How many mops have you used in your life, a play on how many guys you've slept with until you found the right one. It seemed a little corny and cliche if you ask me.

Patricia doesn't agree with the concept but Tia goes with it.

Unanimous's side

Penn is giving Lou such an annoying hard time. He keeps playing devil's advocate on everything Lou says. Lou says, "I'd have an easier time dealing with the supreme court judges."

All the guys stay quiet as Penn bullies Lou with all these pokes at his ideas.

Finally, Clay stands up for Lou and snaps. He says that he feels like "there are people in this room who are trying to set Lou up to fail." So right!!! I've been saying this 2 weeks ago.

Clay says that everybody is just saying no about everythign Lous says but not coming up with ideas. Arsenio who once said he wants Lou gone says he respects Clay because he spoke up against Penn and sides with Clay in a discreet way. Clay says Penn is being condescending and Penn gets all quiet and mad.

Paul comes up with the concept: "I'll mop the floor with you."

Forte's side

Debbie says that all Patricia does is graphic design and Patricia says that Debbie gets frustrated when things don't go her way.

Unanimous's side

I wonder why the heck Penn doesn't just apologize and man up about his attitude toward Lou. instead, he tries bringing Clay on the side and bullies him into this whole bit about why he used the word condescending to him.

Clay says that "Penn's been praised for too long."

It seems to me that when one person speaks everyone follows. Arsenio backs Clay once Clay spoke out.

Forte's side

Tia says that "Lisa and Aubrey are a tight clock and get tighter each week ... they need to be the most important."

Aubrey throws this whole hissy fit because Tia wasn't listening to all her "bright" ideas but to me it just seems like Aubrey wants to make herself "important" every way she can even if she isn't. Aubrey is not letting Tia lead. She wants to stand in front of her.

Aubrey goes behind Tia's back and starts talking junk about Tia to Debbie. Debbie and Aubrey become butt buddies.

Unanimous's side

During the making of the viral video, Lou has trouble pronouncing the words because he's deaf, and Clay who says that he used to teach disabled children helps him pronounce the words.

Lou feels good about Clay and Arsenio.

Forte's side

Dayana whispers to Debbie that there's no mop in the script.

Unanimous's side

Lou starts dancing with mop and dances really good. Dee praises Lou saying it's cool see "Lou humping a mop."

Forte's side

When Don junior visits the Forte team Aubrey asks him what is his number and Don stutters and gets all nervous. In the interviews, he says that he feels tension in and that "someone is about to explode."

He was right because in the next scene, Lisa explodes on everyone saying that "everybody doe not have to be a god damn star. I don't have to be front and center."

It was a shot taken at Dayana who kept pleading to Tia to find something for her to do. To me, it seems that Aubrey is the one who wants to always be front and center and I wonder why Lisa doesn't comment on that.

In the meantime, Dayana goes to call the flower shop and is supposed to ask for Pianese flowers or Peonies, instead she says "do you have penis." LOL

Unanimous's side

Penn tells Clay, "the word that bothers me the most is condescending." He sort of bullies Clay as opposed to getting to a calm discussion. Clay says that there getting no where and I was proud of Clay for holding his ground with Penn. To me it seems Penn was acting like an ass. period.


Clay says that Lou is one of the most committed people.

Lisa says about Tia, "I never felt she had a true handle on the project. It felt short at times."

Tia really gets owned by Lisa.

Dayana is asked about Debbie. Dayana says Debbie "was stressed out." Tia surprisingly actually backs Debbie and says that's "Debbie's personality."

Lisa is bold and says that the least valuable person is Dayana and that Debbie, Aubrey and Lisa are the most creative.

Tia says she didn't like the concept and Trump says that if she didn't like the concept why did she go with it as project manager and Tia really has no where to turn with that question.

When asked by Trump why Lou didn't use more "star power." he sys because he really want to show and prove what he could do because every week the guy's were getting on his back.

Dee says he would fire Paul.
Paul says that he wasn't asked to do anything, but then Don reminds him that he came up with the concept. Paul forget lol.

Arsenio would fire Lou saying that if they lost he was the project manager. Clay says Paul is a big contributor.

Lou would bring back Paul and Penn if they lose.

Lou says about Penn that he is, "A bowl in a china closet with a superior attitude" and says that "every time we talk he doesn't have enough compassion for people's feelings. He's negative and controlling."

Lou sees like such a gentle guy even though he played the Incredible Hulk!

Clay says that Penn has admitted that he doesn't like not being in charge and says that he disengages when he's not in charge and has a tendency to become condescending when it's not his idea. Dee calls Penn "a fact-checker"
Clays tells Trump that this show is tougher than American Idol because he never had to critique his peers.

Interestingly, despite the sex ploy used by the women's team, the guy's win it.

When the woman are left alone to battle it out Aubrey really throws punches at Tia hitting her hard. She calls her a "50 year old woman" and says that she's 27 and owning her.

I'm not sure why but Tia asks Trump that if she fires herself would he fire two people like he did with Adam. When he says no, she fires herself.

Fired: Tia

To me, she should've spoke up but it just seems like it wasn't her personality.

I'm waiting for Debbie, Aubrey or Lisa to get taken down.

Let's see what happens.