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Lisa makes Miss Universe cry
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 10]
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This episode was filled with more drama between the female comedian, Lisa Lampanelli and the Venezuelan Miss Universe of 2008 Dayana Mendoza. Lisa is the project manager and gives her nothing to do again.

The task

Location: FAO Schwartz
Task: They're celebrating their 150th year anniversary. They perform a live improv puppet show for adults. The task it build two original puppets and perform those puppets live.

Advisors: Eric and Ivanka trump

Trump puts Clay on Lisa's team.

Team 1, Forte: Clay, Lisa, Penn and Dayana

Project Manager: Lisa

Team 2, Unanimous: Arsenio, Paul senior, Teresa and Aubrey

Project manager: Paul Senior

Reward: $20k

When Lisa and Dayana walk in after the boardroom firing of last week, Clay tells Lisa:

"You act like you've had some accomplishment of some kind."

He says "but he's still a person" and Lisa says,

"Don't start with me... I'd keep it shut."

Aubrey is excited because she hates Clay Aiken.

Clay about Lisa's attitude that it's either the losses causing her attitude or her attitude is causing the losses.

Teresa gives money to NEF cure

The kid says that it's really hard because he has to take 15 pills a day. Teresa tells him to stay strong. She hands them a check for $60k. FSGS is a Rare kidney disease with no cure.

Dayana wants to improv, Lisa refuses

Dayana says she can improv but Lisa says she did it for 20 years. Dayana right away gives an idea to have a Latino character and that she'll play it but Lisa shuts her down and says to wait for all the ideas first.

Aubrey says that she has to find a way to act like a team player

Arsenio and Teresa sort of flirt for a little. Aubrey says that Arsenio is the only one with comedic background and fears to step up or else people will says she's acting up again.

Arsenio says Aubrey has become a "great team player"

Paul's back goes out and worries about it. They watch the live puppet performance to try mimicking it. Arsenio commends Aubrey because she acts like a team player.

Patrick and Henson come in and say that risk and being on the edge is better for improv. To find the place in you where you're not scared to say something.

Lisa doesn't give Dayana a real task

They say that broader characters are better because they can do more.They say you can indicate a naughty choice without saying it.

Lisa starts acting like a Spanish puppet saying:
"Ay caramba...Ay chiwawa"

Dayana doesn't like her Spanish impressions but just let's it go and gets upset because Lisa doesn't want to give her a real task. She jokes saying that Lisa is doing it on purpose so she can call her useless and cry about how she does everything.

Arsenio says, "Everything's better with boobs."

Teresa takes a long time naming her puppet

Teresa takes a really long time trying to think of her puppets name. Paul senior says that he wants to shake her. Arsenio comes up with "fabulina" and she loves it.

Aubrey thinks Paul Senior is lazy

Aubrey is nervous to voice any dissent. She thinks Paul is lazy but doesn't want I say much and then goes

"I'm looking at our rocker and our hot mess crazy Jersey lady [Teresa]"

Lisa's team learn Improvisation

Clay says she has a lot of piss and vinegar in her but doesn't worry about her that much because he feels it's not directed at him.

Aubrey says Paul is wasting too much time on the puppets

Aubrey says that they need to start meeting with the professional coaches to learn. Aubrey says that Paul is not directing the team very well.

Teresa says that it looks like Paul would rather be riding his motorcycles than working with puppets. Aubrey says that Teresa doesn't know anything, what's happening in the scene or which character she is. Again Aubrey says she's the only one who will try to save the task.

Teresa stutters while learning improv

Teresa has a hard time. Teresa stutters and has a really hard time with puppets learning how many times and how long to hold the mouth open. Arsenio says its ok because she always gives 100%, which she really does.

Penn jokes: "I'm multitasking. I'm sewing horns on a Monster and I'm contemplating suicide so those two things are being done simultaneously."

Penn realizes that Dayana is not useless because the professionals said they would hire her because her puppet was so good.

Dayana has nothing to do. Lisa picks a fight

Clay, Penn and Lisa practice their improvisations and Dayana sits and watches because Lisa doesn't want her being one of the puppeteers. Dayana says that this is another demonstration of how Lisa's trying o out her on the side.

Clay recommends that Lisa put her somewhere on the stage. Lisa starts eating angry at Dayana saying that

"it's always something"

Lisa goes on to say, "Do whatever you f*ckin want. How's that?"

Clay tries calming them down and says they need to relax because they're about to do comedy.

Dayana starts crying because of how rude Lisa is. She says she treats her better than how Lisa treats people and calls it disappointing.

Clay says that Lisa is jealous of Dayana. Lisa seems to be just picking fights with Dayana for no apparent reason. Lisa gets made at the guys for not backing her up.

Penn says that Lisa wanted him to back her up but that Lisa was loud and unpleasant. Penn tries comforting Dayana

"Sometimes not trying to solve things is the best way to solve things" -Penn

Clay does a killer puppet

Clay is so awesome and funny as a puppeteer. He really outshines Lisa. Lisa says she doesn't care about how edgy her stuff is and feels they killed it.

Arsenio plays a Norwegian dentist

Paul's says he's not worried. Aubrey O'day hosts the show and says we're going to watch some puppets behaving badly. She says she feels the audience liked her. Aubrey picks dentistry and norwegian and Arsenio worries. But Arsenio does a good job. He sounds European in some way.

Teresa sort of bombs and doesn't go with the flow, but still wins the audience over.

Executive impressions

They say they liked the setting up of the sketches and enjoyed Arsenio. They say Teresa was breaking the rules a lot. About Lisa's team they felt they went too far with the sexual side and felt Penn didn't cut the scenes sharply enough.


Dayana: "Lisa shows too much aggression"

Trump asks Dayana how he got along with Lisa. Dayana says she was just an ok project manager. Lisa says she didn't think "much" of Dayana. She calls Dayana unprofessional for not wanting to be in the background.

Dayana says that Lisa shows too much aggression.

Lisa cries a river and thinks of firing herself if they lose

Lisa says that she hasn't decided whether she would bring in anyone. She starts crying saying that she's a comedian and didn't get into this "to make girls cry." She starts crying louder and louder and Aubrey shouts out to her "you're staying."

I really don't get Lisa. First she acts like a total douche to Dayana and everyone and then says she doesn't want to make girls cry. Yet, she also called Dayana a racial slur, "sp*c", in an interview with Sirius XM.

Paul says Teresa was the weakest player

Trump asks Paul why he wanted to be project manager and he says he didn't know or want to know anything about puppets but no one wanted to take the position.

He calls Teresa his weakest player. He says it takes her a long time to make her mind up. Teresa says that she likes to take time with names because they're important to her.

Aubrey says that Paul was limited by his back. Arsenio says that he was an inspiration because he led even though he couldn't do it. That comment ended up saving him because Paul elects to save Arsenio when Trump asks him.

What the executives didn't like

Eric says that the executives didn't like Penn missing too many cues. Ivanka says that the show was a little bit on the safe side. The puppets were too complex so they couldn't play too many roles. They felt Teresa had trouble with the rules of improv.

Lisa's team wins

Her charity is: Gay Mans Health Crisis. Dayana says that Lisa changes the way she acts too quickly so she doesn't trust her.

They figure out who was the weakest on Paul's team

Arsenio admits he boxed himself in because he made a rocker puppet but says he shouldn't be fired. Arsenio says Teresa made the other but Teresa says they all made the puppets and it was Paul's call.

Paul blames Teresa that she continued to keep adding stuff to her puppet. She says Paul didn't do anything. Teresa says that if anyone doesn't move fast it's Paul. Teresa says that Paul said he'd rather be riding a motorcycle.

Aubrey turns on Teresa

Trump asks Aubrey who she would rather go forward with. Aubrey says that Teresa wasn't fast enough.

Paul saves Arsenio and brings back Teresa and Aubrey

Ivanka feels that Paul seems a little tired. Trump asks why Aubrey was brought back. She says that she should not be in the room at all.

Trump thinks Paul saves Arsenio for no reason

Trump asks Paul why he brought back Aubrey and suggests that he wants to save Arsenio on a more personal level. Trump keeps saying that it's obvious Arsenio was weaker than Aubrey and gets on him for not choosing Arsenio to come back in the boardroom.

Trump asks Aubrey who she would fire. She says Paul because Teresa tried really hard. Trump still blames Paul for not bringing back Arsenio and for the fact that he was the leader.

Trump fires Paul