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Lisa Lampanelli calls hispanic Miss Universe a 'Sp*c' says she'll get knocked up soon
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In an interview, Lisa Lampanelli, the comedian, calls Dayana Mendoza a 'Sp*c', the Venezuelan who won the Miss universe beauty pageant in 2008 and is now starring on the Celebrity Apprentice Season 12 along with her. WTF is going on??

It's really amazing to me how Lisa would do something so degrading. Lisa talks to Sirius XM about about her spot on the Celebrity Apprentice Season 12 and her view of the other celebrities. In her interview, she was not being funny or anything, she was venting and sounding plain condescending, viscious and racist.

You can listen to the interview below on Sirius XM:

She says:

"I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a sp*c! She’s gonna f***ing do it pretty soon anyway. She'll be knocked up before the end of the week."

Listen to the interview below

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Dayana Mendoza told the Huffington Post:

"I understand that it's Lisa's job to make fun of people for a living...If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets to her shows, no problem, I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture."


It's amazing because she gets on Arsenio Hall for calling Aubrey O'Day a "b*tch" and says he could be ruining his career and his reputation with women and then she has the audacity to call Dayana Mendoza such a racial slur.

Since when has it become ok to just flat out be so racist in public settings. This is one of the first times we're seeing a "celebrity" use such a derogatory term in public.

As of the writing of this article, Season 12 episode 10 of the Celebrity Apprentice will air tonight at 9PM on NBC, where both Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza have neither been eliminated yet.

What are your thoughts on this?

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