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Clay turns on Dayana and Aubrey single handedly takes on the task
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 11]
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In this episode we saw Aubrey kick her entire team out while she single handedly executed her display. On the other side, Clay turned in Dayana in the boardroom and claims he now knows why everyone brings Dayana back.

The teams

Unanimous: Aubrey O'Day, Arsenio Hall and Teresa Guidice
Project manager: Aubrey O'Day

Forte: Clay Aiken, Lisa Lampanelli, Dayana Mendoza and Penn Gilette
Project manager: Clay Aiken

The task

Location: Donald Trumps home
Task: the teams have to create a display unit for Trump's new cologne "Success"

On team Forte, Clay takes responsibility and becomes project manager. Penn says that he doesn't feel this is his forte. What annoys me about Penn is that he tries hiding out. I don't think any of these tasks are anyone's forte. None of the celebrities were marketing or advertising gurus in the past.

They all just have to suck it up and figure out how to make things work.

Fortes concept

A photograph of a woman holding onto a mans tie and the cologne bottle and quote: "You earned it."

Without a lot of direction from Clay, Dayana and Penn come up with the ideas for the task. First Dayana suggests that they put a tie on a naked girl, it they brush that off saying that it's not classy enough.

Penn suggests that a woman hold onto a mans tie holding the cologne bottle while a photograph is taken of the man from the neck down to his stomach to only include the woman's face, the tie and the cologne.

The downside of their unit was that they did not take Dayana's suggestion to create a takeaway for the customer. This hurt them in the boardroom and boosted Dayana's reputation.

Unanimous's concept

The new York city skyline made out of Cologne bottles with a silhouette of Trump and quote: "Trust your instincts"

Without surprise the entire concept was created and developed by Aubrey on this team. Arsenio and Teresa sort of take a back seat to Aubrey as she shoots out ideas like rockets.

As annoying as she is, she does have a lot of ideas and does her best to execute them. Sometimes you just have to do things that way.

What's annoying about Arsenio and Teresa is that they always complain that Aubrey is pushy, but they're grown ups, if they have ideas and believe in them then they should mention them. They stay quiet, have no ideas, let Aubrey take charge and then complain about her later saying she's not a team player.

Aubrey sends both Arsenio and Teresa away during the creation process

As they're creating their displays, Aubrey sends her entire team to go shopping while she stays back creating the display.

Aubrey obviously wanted to demonstrate her skills in the boardroom, but I believe she did this so she can take full credit and later blame Arsenio and Teresa for not being able to create.

This was really shifty, especially because when Eric Trump walked in he obviously wondered where the rest of the team was and of course Aubrey seizes the moment to trash both Arsenio and Teresa saying they're useless creatively. She says Arsenio has never had any ideas at all since she's worked with him.

Lisa sneaks a peak at Aubrey's display unit

Lisa Lampanelli, along with a huge bowl of popcorn in her hand, manages to sneak a peak of the others team work. She comes back and reports to her team that they're also doing buildings. Clay starts to panic but Dayana says he shouldn't care what the other team is doing.

Trumps advisor is snappy about Aubrey's unit

As if Aubrey wasn't nervous enough, Trumps advisor walks in on them as they get ready to present and he seems to sort of trash their work. He's really sarcastic and makes a snide comment about everything they point out. When they show him the skyline, he says "a rolls Royce grill?" and when they show him Trumps silhouette he questions that as well.

What I loved about Aubrey here is how she held her ground despite all the criticism from a major executive. Arsenio worried about his words a lot, but Aubrey kept trying to see the positive in it and finding excuses as to why he said certain things.

I like that attitude in Aubrey because it's an attitude many people can learn from. Don't always harp on the negative. Think of the bright side and be positive. That will end up working in her favor later.

Executives ask Clay to talk more when he has nothing else to say

Clay gets embarrassed because after he presents to the executives and asks for questions, they tell him to just keep going on but he has nothing else to say.

I also didn't think he needed to say much since its a display unit for crying out lout, but I guess they wanted more. It's so stupid how Clays team did not back him up though. When he stumbled no one came to his rescue. Since he already presented, someone on the team should have come up with something to say.


Arsenio tries taking credit for Aubreys quote

Arsenio tells Trumo that he did "something really important," which was come up with the quote he seems to be unable to remember, "Trust Your Instincts"

The truth is Aubrey came up with the quote and then Arsenio found it in a YouTube video of Trump. As much as I'm annoyed by Aubrey, Arsenio was totally wrong here.

Winner: Aubrey Oday's team

Loser: Clay Aiken

Clay tries turning on Dayana

For some reason, since Clay lost he decides to save Lisa Lampanelli and bring in Penn and Dayana back into the boardroom.

I'm really bothered by this because it was obvious that Penn and Dayana actually did most of the work. Why did he save Lisa??

Why Clay lost

Trump tells them that the executives really loved the photo and disliked the quote and the fact that they had nothing to take away for the customer. That is something Dayana mentioned that they should've had so that gave her brownie points in the boardroom along with the fact that the executives loved the photo of her.

The other problem was that the executives hated the quote by Penn "You Earned it" They felt that it comes off arrogant. It's nice to know they're so humble apparently.

Even though, Clay okayed the quote, that really worked against Penn.

Fired: Penn Gilette