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Latoya scared to battle Omarosa in board room [Celebrity Apprentice]
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 13 Episode 3]
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It amazes me how scared everyone is of Omarosa. I'd bring that sucker back in the board room with me any day. In this episode Latoya who serves as project manager calls Omarosa the weakest link, but shockingly doesn't bring her back in the board room battle.

Crystal Light Soap opera Challenge

In this episode, the two teams had to create a soap opera highlighting Crystal Light's new liquid product.

I can't wait to try the new Crystal Light liquid personally because I'm addicted to that Mio stuff so I can't wait to see how Crystal Light's tastes.

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Omarosa 911 call

Omarosa who serves on the team with Latoya as project manager gets a call that People magazine is going to air the 911 call of her husband dying of a heart attack. That's pretty messed up.

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Plus, who wants to hear that??

Omarosa leaves the planning stage of the project and says she has to handle it. In the end, she wasn't able to stop them from airing it.

Unfortunately for Omarosa this was the perfect thing to try getting her fired since she didn't participate in the project much. She still gets away though when Latoya can't bring herself to battle her in the board room.

Latoya fights Omarosa

While they were planning the project, Omarosa and Latoya go head to head. It was funny seeing Latoya argue because she's too "nice." But she got up, swung her hips and pointed at Omarosa. Omarosa didn't give in though. She also stood up and was like "bitch you know who I am."

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

The funny thing it was all over nothing. Latoya was like "you're being disrespectful" and Omarosa was like "you're a sucky leader."

Real Soap Opera stars join the teams

The two teams are given two really old soap opera stars that are probably more relevant to your parents: Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner.

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Celebrity apprentice Latoya scared of Omarosa

Penn's quote on business

I loved what Penn said about business:
In business making a decision is more important than the decision you make.

Latoya versus Omarosa

Latoya's team loses the challenge. Arsenio asks her who the weakest players and when he brings up that she mentioned Omarosa and Dennis, she admits it. But when it comes time to choose who she'll bring back in the board room with her she let's Omarosa slide.

Everyone is confused by that decision, especially because Omarosa was clearly the weakest player in this project.

Trump keeps asking her why she wouldn't bring Omarosa back? But she doesn't really say.

It seems to me that everyone is just scared of battling her wit in the board room afraid she'll win. But what's silly is that, either way, the project manager will most likely be fired even if she brings in someone who did better than Omarosa. That would be more reason to fire the project manager.

She should have brought in Omarosa.

Don't punk out.