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Arsenio: 'When you f*** with me and disrespect me it's on'
Celebrity Apprentice [Season 12 Episode 9]
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A great episode of Celebrity Apprentice filled with loads of cursing, drama and emotion. Definitely one of the most emotionally driven episodes of the season. From Aubrey O'Day to Arsenio Hall to Lou to Lisa Lampanelli to Dayana Mendoza all going after each other in their own way.

There were so many struggles in this episode:

1. Aubrey vs Arsenio Hall. Arsenio calling Aubrey a b*** and a wh*re
2. Lisa Lampanelli vs Arsenio. Lisa calling Arsenio a bi*** a** motherf*****
3. Lou Ferrigno vs Dayana Mendoza and Lisa Lampanelli. Them saying Lou is the weakest player.
4. Lou vs Lisa. Lou saying he'd throw Lisa through the wall.
5. Dayana vs Lisa. Lisa calling her a brain dead constantly.

Arsenio Hall is still pissed at Aubrey O'Day

Penn and Lisa Lampanelli come in and find out that Aubrey never came back. Lisa gets really upset that Aubrey is still not back and feels that the guys are overpowering her.

The ironic thing is that it's the complete opposite. Complete opposite! She, Aubrey, really overpowering them.

Arsenio Hall calls Aubrey O'Day a b**ch and a wh*re

Arsenio starts to really lose it though. I was on his side and I think everyone was at one point but then there was this thin line he started crossing calling her a "b**ch" and a "wh*re".

Lisa Lampanelli calls Arsenio Hall a B*tch A** M*therf**ker

Speaking to Teresa Giudice, she starts going off on Arsenio with her "foul" mouth telling her,

"If I was on your team I would get so worried that a bitch ass M*therf**ker [Arsenio Hall] on your team who cannot handle people who are smarter than they are." - Lisa

Lisa says she wouldn't blame Aubrey for leaving the team. Arsenio tells Penn about his cousin's death from AIDS and how he saw Aubrey between him and victory.

Arsenio was definitely really upset and I give him that, but cursing Aubrey out so much, it didn't really help the situation. I'm not letting Lisa off the hook either. She keeps telling everyone else that they're being rude when she's cursing up a storm.

Lisa warns Arsenio about jeopardizing his career

I really didn't like her threatening Arsenio Hall that he's ruining his career by speaking out so harshly on Aubrey O'Day though. Seriously, the man has done his time already. He should not be threatened by a 25 year old up and coming star. He has the right to stand up for himself and call a horse a horse, maybe not a b*tch though ha! Nevertheless I do agree that it would've been wiser not to curse her out, because she never really cursed him.

This really shows the difference between men and women. Men are really combative and straightforward and women are more discreet and have a more psychological way of handling people and their issues.

Arsenio and Lisa fight it out over Aubrey

Lisa really gets on Arsenio and when she hears him call Aubrey the b word she tells him to stop, but Arsenio tells her that she doesn't know what Aubrey did to him:

He says,

"When you f*** with me and disrespect me it's on"

And in the interviews says: "Lisa Lampanelli is the last person on this planet that can tell me what language I can use when I'm angry."

I must say he's right man!

Arsenio gets sarcastic and asks how his language isn't appropriate when she's a comedian who curses all the time.

Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza walk in

And Lisa snaps at Lou and Dayana calling them "useless" and "f***in losers." She says she's going to have to do most of the work and storms off.

"That was f****d up Lou I don't give a f*** how you feel. And you were not an effective leader and you had no ideas so you are both f****ng useless."

I love how she gets all on Arsenio Hal about his language and then cusses Lou and Dayana out so harshly and disrespectfully.

Arsenio presents his check to magic Johnson

Arsenio talks to Magic Johnson over Skype and tells him about his cousin dying of AIDS. He shows him the $30k check and the other $20k check. He then bumps his bald head with Magic's through the screen.

The task

Aubrey says that she got bullied by Arsenio.

"I have to take a stand against these bullies."

To be honest the only bullies on the show are Lisa and Aubrey, LOL.

Location: R Lounge at the Renaissance hotel overlooking times square.

Company: Entertainment.com

Task: 60 second commercial promoting entertainment.com deals and the mobile app.

Judged on: creativity, product integration and overall brand messaging.
reward: $20k plus $40k

Forte: Project manager Dayana

Unanimous: Project manager Teresa Giudice

Dayana votes herself Project Manager right away without huddling with anyone. Lisa pokes fun at Dayana for standing up.

Aubrey speaks with Arsenio

They speak and Arsenio apologizes to her in a very slick way. She says that the things he said hurt her. Arsenio apologizes and says he was angry and that the language wasn't necessary. He's glad that she didn't shut down on him.

Dayana pushes her ideas

Lisa finds out that Penn has to leave early and smirks like she'll be left behind. They gather up and talk about the entertainment.com commercial. Dayana is so cute because she starts mimicking Lisa talking about how Lisa calls her a bleep bleep, without cursing. This time around though, she stands up for herself and says that now that she's project manager she'll [Lisa] have to suck it up .

Penn and Lisa seem to be very narcissistic at times always looking at the negatives and bashing other people. Certainly, that could be possible for Lisa because she's a comedia and comedian's always know how to point out the irony in everything.

Aubrey is still pissed at Arsenio

Even though both Arsenio and Aubrey "made up" Aubrey says that she'll never forget Arsenio's words and that she doesn't like him, despite their make up session.

Word to the wise:

If a woman acts skanky and eats at you, never call her a b**** somewhere where she'll find out about it. LOL.

Teresa Giudice likes Arsenio's ideas and they choose Paul Senior to act in the commercial.

Lou gets mad that they're not acting in the commercial

They develop four scenes, a love story between a guy and girl from first date, to proposal to honeymoon to marriage to having their first child. It sounds really cute, but a little boring.

Lou feels that they could've acted in it since they are professional actors. I don't know why they would get amateur actors over themselves honestly.

The Teams' Commercial Concepts

Teresa, Paul, Clay Arsenio, Aubrey's commercial: Paul senior thinking his daughter is having sex in the other room with a boy but they're really ont he entertainment.com website.

Dayana, Lou, Penn and Lisa's commercial: A couple gets coupons for various milestones throughout their relationship.

Teresa worries about how dirty their concept is

A man is listening outside to his daughter making sounds he assumes are sexual, but he rushes in and finds out that she's on entertainment.com. Teresa and Clay Aiken rehearse the commercial. Arsenio tells her that they can always clean up the lines in editing.

Dayana and Lisa watch the amateur actors

Lisa calls Dayana an annoying kid. Penn sees that Dayana and Lisa were getting along. Lou makes suggestions to fix the camera angles but Dayana refuses to accept it. Lou mentions it a couple of times but Dayana says she thinks "it's fine."

Paul gets a geek makeover

Paul will act as Aubrey's dad. Teresa says that Paul looks great. Paul looks like a such a herb with a weird haircut and green sweater. It's so hilarious.

Aubrey picks at Teresa saying she thinks yelling 'action' makes her a director

Teresa says it felt good being a director. Aubrey picks at Teresa saying that she thinks saying "action" makes her a director. Aubrey says that Teresa is a muppet baby and that people tell her what to do. Paul almost falls down acting his part.

Penn leaves early again

He says good bye to everyone and Lou says that it's wrong that he can leave. Don Junior comes in and asks if they got enough out of Penn. Of course, Lisa and Dayana say yes. Don says that it looks like Lisa and Penn had most of the creative work.

Clay Aiken calls Aubrey a loose cannon

Clay says that since Arsenio and Aubrey spoke its been going pretty smooth, but calls her a "loose cannon" still.

"Aubrey is a loose canon. It's hard to know what she's going to do from one minute to the next"

Aubrey acts out the daughter saying that the kid "hit the spot." Ivanka says the highlight of her week was seeing Paul dress like a "dweeb."

Ivanka, who says that word anymore?? lol.

Aubrey says that they're going to fix the borderline sexual stuff in the editing. Ivanka says it was worth the trip seeing Paul like that.

Lisa actually commends Dayana

Lisa says,

"Nobody likes to be annoyed and angry more than I do because it's fun...Maybe Dayana is more than a pretty face."

Lou has trouble taking direction on the movie posters and says he's not good with computers.

"I get it you're strong. What else you got dude?" Lisa says.

Teresa falls behind on time

Lisa delegates editing to Clay and Arsenio. Aubrey says that no one in their right mind can see Teresa and Paul as business leaders.

That's funny coming from this 25 year old when Paul Senior has already built a business many people dream of and is a TV star as well on the American Choppers.

No one listens to Lou in the editing room

Lou and Lisa edit and they don't listen to him at all. Lou says he likes the commercial but says later that he didn't like it at all, because it didn't focus enough on the branding.

See, that's Lou's problem. He thinks things but has a hard time getting it out. He holds it in and lashes out under pressure.

Teresa edits the commercial

Aubrey wants to change the word "old fashion" to "old school."

Aubrey says that Arsenio and Clay will turn on Teresa for being late. Like she won't?! Teresa says that if the editing is wrong than Arsenio and clay are going down.

Commercials are presented to executives

The Executives like both. They think Dayana's was a little boring but Teresa's too risky.


Dayana: Lou is the weakest player

Dayana is asked by Trump who the weak player is and she calls Lou out. She calls Lou quiet. He asks Lisa and she says that she was impressed by Dayana and Trump is shocked. She even calls her "cool."

Lou and Lisa battle it out

But then Lou and Lisa go at it.

Lou says that she has a filthy mouth and that she's constantly negative.

Lou says "No one calls Lou Ferrigno a loser." Ivanka Trump calls Lisa Lampanelli out and asks if she said that? She acts like she didn't say anything and doesn't really remember. She says she doesn't remember calling Lou a loser.

But the truth is she called Lou Ferrigno a "F****ng Loser!"

Lou says,

"Lisa's lucky not to be a man tonight because I would throw her right through that wall."

Trump asks Teresa and Paul senior and they both say they didn't hear anything because it was too rowdy.

Clay says that Teresa stepped up

Ivanka asks Arsenio if he thought Teresa took the right charge and he sort of stumbles a bit but gives her credit. Arsenio says he got the right results with the wrong language about Aubrey.

Clay says he likes Teresa and calls her "the sweetest person. "

Teresa calls no one the weakest link

After saying that she didn't have a weak link. She says she'll bring in all the players if they lose. Trump reminds her that the last time the project manager didn't choose two people got fired.

Ivanka calls it "precarious" that Teresa would bring no one back given that Aubrey was telling her the vision overtop of Teresa when she came to visit. She hints that Aubrey overshadowed her and asks how she felt about that. Teresa says she didn't like that.

Ivanka calls Aubrey polarizing

Ivanka finally calls Aubrey polarizing to her face in the boardroom. I think Aubrey needed to hear that finally:

"You tend to speak more than the person who should be speaking."

They watch the commercials

Trump asks Dayana what they thought of Teresa's video and she says she liked it, but when he asks which is better she says hers is funnier and cuter.

Trump asks why Dayana didn't put themselves in the video. Dayana tries to explain but Lou cuts her off saying that he told her but she said no.

Teresa says that they should have acted in it. Clay says that he likes his own better.

Lou says he likes the other team's commercial better and all hell breaks loose

Lou says he liked the other teams commercial because they used star power. Lisa calls it a Benedict Arnold. Lou says that Penn left at 4 o'clock but she says he still did more than Lou.

This comment by Lou Ferrigno was really the one that got him in trouble even by the Trumps. They eel that despite his feelings he should've never said that.

Although I feel like they set him up because they asked everyone which commercial they liked better. If you don't want anyone to give an honest answer, why ask?

Lisa and Lou really battle it out

Lisa says that he was supposed to pick up the movie posters but he left it to her. Boy, when Lisa attacks someone it's over. Why is she picking up on Lou so much?

When she decided to go after someone it's over.

Lisa says she was horrified that Lou liked the other commercial. Trump really picks on Lou for saying that he liked the other video as well.

Executives talk about the negatives

About the love story: Executives didn't like the direction, not showing the app enough and the fact that it was a little boring.

About Teresa's more risky commercial: they were worried about the riskiness of it and didn't like the term old fashioned because it would alienate older people.

Winner: Teresa

She says she was fighting for a boy named Matthew who has kidney disease looking for a cure.

Dayana and Lisa team up against Lou

Dayana says she's really surprised and calls it heart breaking that they lost. Lisa says she's surprised too. When he asks Lou he says that he gave his opinion but they didn't listen.

Trump asks Dayana if Lou did "nothing," she says not nothing but he wasn't as helpful. Trump asks why Penn didn't act in it, but Penn keeps saying that he doesn't think they could've done a better job than the amateur actors. Lisa says it would've been creepy to have an old guy with a young girl and Trump gets offended

Dayana brings back Lisa and Lou

I don't know why she keeps Penn safe. Outside, when Lou calls Lisa out on her profanity, Lisa tells Lou she "meant every word."

When they go back in, Trump asks Dayana why he shouldn't fire Dayana since she's been back 5 times. Dayana says Lou wasn't as helpful.

Lisa says that Lou likes to lay low and then come back at you in the baordroom. She says he doesn't have anything to add but muscle. Lou says it takes him some time to digest what everyone is saying and that's why he might be a little slower at responding.

Dayana sits quiet and watches Lisa and Lou battle it out. Lou reminds Lisa that she called him a f***** loser.

When Trump asks Lou who he would fire, he says he would fire Lisa, but then says he takes it back and that he meant Dayana.

He asks Lisa and she says Lou because he did nothing.

Trump asks Dayana one more time why she shouldn't be fired and she really doesn't have much to say. Trump starts getting on Lou for saying he liked the other commercial. Trump says that truth is important but loyalty is really important to him also so he fires Lou.

Trump fires Lou

It was really sad to see Lou Ferrigno go because he was such an awesome player. When Trump fires him he asks Trump to take it back and Trump says he can't.