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'Breaking Bad' recap: Walter not satisfied with the way Mike is handling things
Breaking Bad [Season 5 Episode 3]
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I'm not happy with this episode of Breaking Bad. It seems like the episodes have been getting worse and worse this season. There will only be 8 episodes before mid-season of Breaking Bad so they better get their act right.

The main events in this episode were Walter and Jesse finding a new place to cook, Mike becoming the business man of the partnership, Jesse breaking up with Andrea and Walter telling Marie about Skyler's affair with Ted.

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Who handles business

When Mike visits Jesse and Walter at Saul's office, he makes sure they understand that he will take care of business. Walter agrees to that but when Saul asks him if he likes that after Mike leaves, he says, "He handles the business and I handle him."

I'm not sure wtf that's supposed to mean. It probably means that Mike can do whatever he wants but I'm still the boss of this entire situation. It's obvious that Walter and Mike are going to bump heads constantly.

The new place to cook meth

Saul shows them a few possible choices for their new home for cooking Meth but they're all horrible until they decide on using this business called "Vamanos Pests" to disguise their meth lab.

Vamanos Pests goes into people's homes and fumigates it to kill pests. The owners have to live outside their homes temporarily and they cover the entire house with a tarp.

What they're going to do is build a Meth lab during the fumigation period, cook Meth and break it down going from house to house as "Vamanos Pests" moves.

The issue is that these guys are burglars according to Saul, but Mike sets them straight at a meeting making sure they understand the rules. He tells them to treat Walter and Jesse like ghosts.

"You call them yes sir and no sir" Mike

Walter meets Brock in Jesse's place

Walter meets Brock in person for the first time and Brock doesn't really treat him that good. As Walter tries to speak with him he ignores Walter and walks away. Walter says, "Man of few words."

Cool shot of fire while cooking

I love this shot that was taken while they were cooking Meth. Sick.

Jesse breaks up with Andrea his girl

Walter has a talk with Jesse about how much he should share with his girlfriend but tells him that it's his call.

"Secrets create barriers between people... all that you've done its a part of you ...if you choose to spend the rest of your life with this person you'll have to decide how much you'll share." Walter

Skyler says shut up over and over

Skyler lost it on Marie at the car wash. Marie is annoying as shit! But Skyler over-reacted a bit like she always does. She started smoking out of nervousness and then Marie started telling her that it's illegal and Skyler just loses it. She must've said shut up like 15 times

Walter tells Marie about Skyler's affair

Marie kept prying about Skyler losing it and she kept telling Walter that he must've done something wrong. So he tells her about her affair with Ted. I think he did it just to get her off his back so she doesn't pry anymore into his life. I think Skyler is going to lose it on Walter when she finds out he told her that.

Money problems

Mike presents Jesse and Walter with their cut of the money and Walter is not happy. It starts off with $367,000 each.

When Walter tells Mike that there's about 20% missing from the pie, Mike tells him how much he pays for transportation, the mules. Walter doesn't like paying them that much and says that Gus never paid that much, but Mike reminds him that Gus spent 10 years building his own network.

The money gets less quickly. They're left with $137,000 each and Walter gets really upset and questions Mike about all of this. Mike tells him that he has to pay his guys compensation for staying quiet saying:

"Because it's what you do" Mike

"We're paying for their silence - that's blackmail." Walter

Mike gets really upset at Walter's constant questioning and looks Walter in the eye and says:

"Just because you shot jesse Jame's dont make you jesse James." Mike

Jesse breaks it up with Andrea

Jesse tells Walter that he broke it off with andrea. Walter then talks about Gus's killing of one of his guys Victor telling Jesse that maybe it wasn't to send him a message that it was just because Victor crossed the line.

"Maybe he flew too close to the sun got his throat cut" Walter

When Walter walks away Jesse looks puzzled about Walter's discussion. It seems that Walter is inadvertently thinking about what he could be willing to do if someone crossed him.

The song that was played in this episode was "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" by The Peddlers.