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Russell Brand crushes annoying news anchors on MSNBC

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You ever been in a situation where someone was being really sarcastic with you and you wanted to attack, but you were in a professional setting? What about when a bunch of people start talking about you like you're not there? That's exactly what happened to the comedian Russell Brand on the MSNBC "Morning Joe" show. But he got really witty when they got snarky.

What the heck happened?

You can watch what happened in the video above to see for yourself. He was there to to promote his new stand up tour called "the Messiah Complex." They get really weird and annoying and talk about him in the third person while still smiling in his face and talking back and forth to each other.

He looks back at the people working behind the scenes who seem to be quiet and on computers, and says, "All these people are at work? Work more quietly!"

The anchors then reply "they're Facebooking. That's their job."

One anchor calls Russell Brand "Ghandi" for some weird reason and then tells Russell that he is the only person he can't understand when listening to satellite radio while driving (Russell has an Australian accent). He says that while everyone else is laughing he doesn't even understand what Russell has said. Then Russell Brand tells him that he should pay more attention to the road.

Talking about Russell Brand in the third person

As the anchors go on talking to each other, Brand then asks them why they're speaking about him like he's not there, like an "extra terrestrial." He then proceeds to ask rhetorical questions like "Is this the job of news anchors?"

News anchor says she's nervous

When Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the morning show, starts scooting over her chair away from Brand Russell saying she's nervous, Russell Brand asks, "You've become nervous? Why are you nervous? You're a powerful women. You've got a lovely job. What seems to be the trouble?"

Towards the end, Russell Brand asks for a stack of papers from the anchors. He then starts shuffling them broadcasting fake news as if he was imitating a news anchor.

For some reason, I'm now more intrigued to watch his show!