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Americas Got Talent [Season 7 Episode 1]
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The first episode of America's Got Talent was really slow. I'm still getting used to Howard Stern. I'm not super fond of the judges on this show and some of the silly acts they throw in to waste time. Here are some of the better things that happened on the first episode:

Nick Canon on a mountain top

I was definitely blown away by Nick opening the episode on the mountain top. Was that real? Damn! He definitely sounded nervous on top of there though.

Howard Stern says he's the only American on the show

We all know Howard Stern's tongue in cheek comedy. When he talks about himself being chosen as the new judge. he says, "After all, I'm the only American judge on the show."

We all know Sharon Rachel Osbourne is English, but apparently, Howie Mandel is Canadian. Canada is still part of America though isn't it?

Howard Stern gets dissed by contestant

One guy gets put down by Howard Stern when he says, "You're too weird for my show." He replies, "That might hurt my feelings if I respected your opinion" Ouch! I love it.

Guy eats a scorpion

This is definitely one of the scarier ones. He got X'd but was still worth seeing.

The crazy bird lady

Some older lady comes on with tens of birds on her shoulders and just starts singing. LOL. Howard Stern says, "I'm appreciating something but I'm not sure what I'm appreciating."

Guy plays the world's largest instrument

This was definitely the HIT of the night. This guy brings this instrument whose strings go from the stage to the end of the stadium and he just starts playing.

Holy moly. This was awesome!

Father daughter team sing

Alexa and Jorge sing together. Alexa is beyoind cute and extremely outspoken. She says things like "What's a vote?" "I'm scared. Ok. I'm not" She's so cute.

The glow in the dark dance

I totally love this. This group turns off the lights and starts dancing and all you see is the shape of animals moving around. So nice.

Rather watch? Watch our fun video recap below: