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The weird thing this Possessed kid ate on American Horror Story
American Horror Story [Season 2 Episode 2]
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You ever see an exorcism? Well you have if you've seen episode 2 of the American horror story. Dude, I have some pretty thick skin when it comes to this stuff but that was some scary ish. The exorcism was nutty. AHS really delivered here. I was watching this at like 4:00 AM in the dark and don't ask why. I had to turn away a few times.

American horror story season 2 episode 2 exorcism

Tell me this kid didn't just eat the intestines and heart of a cow?

American horror story season 2 episode 2 exorcism

This kid really went crazy during the exorcism. I almost want to say he was better than the original exorcist girl, but nothing can beat the original. Still, it was a wild scene.

American horror story season 2 episode 2 exorcism

I thought Sister Jude was going to put this kid in check, but when she went in he got under her skin by calling her out on the dirty stuff she did back in the day and then she lost it on him. Never thought I'd see Sister Jude lose it.