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Hi there
I'm Omar, the senior editor of Guyfy. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and the site, but first I want to tell you what we believe:

#1 Guys need a site - just for them

Guys need an entertainment website that's more geared towards the way men think, but women don't have to be excluded, only if they disagree with us :)

#2 Too many girly entertainment sites

Looking around the web there are way too many entertainment and celebrity sites covered from a woman's perspective. If it's celebrities, it's all celebrities guys don't really care about like Kristen Stewart. If it's TV shows, it's TV shows that guys don't care about like The Bachelor.

We sat around contemplating this site for a while. Many people said guys don't care about things like this, but we refused to listen. If guys liked it, awesome. If they didn't, that's ok too. We created this because there is nothing out there where you as a guy can go to get TV and entertainment news without feeling gay as hell.

So busy for you dudes

Just so you know, We spend almost every waking hour researching web content for men, watching hours and hours of TV shows with our iPads taking notes, writing articles over hundreds of words every single day.

It's not easy delivering this content so I hope you forgive us if we slip a little. We promise that we'll always deliver the right content to you though.

If you have a question just reach out to me. I'd love to hear your story - Wait... that was mad random.

Let's chat. I'm on twitter here. You can send me a personal email at omar [at] guyfy dot com


Omar Elbaga